“Straight from The Heart” Shoot Magazine Names United Airlines Commerical “TOP MUSIC TRACK”

EL SEGUNDO, CA., (November 10, 2008) — Trivers/Myers Music announced today that SHOOT Magazine has selected the music for the United Airlines’ commercial ‘Heart’ as its #1 Music Track for the fall. Trivers/Myers Music arranged and produced the music for ‘Heart’ along with four other United Airlines spots created over the past year, all part of United’s celebrated animated campaign that premiered on the Summer Olympics. Shoot Magazine’s criteria for this award is to distinguish the commercials where the music makes the greatest impact.

The 60-second film opens with a newly married couple embracing. The woman is leaving on a business trip and she is reluctant to go. As a final parting gift she hands her heart to her lover. By plane, she arrives at a romantic European city where she gives a hectic but successful presentation, complete with a standing ovation. Afterwards, during a rare moment of reverie, she reaches to touch a bird sitting next to the city park fountain. Startled, the bird flies toward her, ultimately soaring through the hole left in her chest from the heart. The woman looks upward, missing her husband. In the next scene the two lovers are reunited in a long emotional hug.

The music was composed by Elizabeth Myers and John Trivers of Trivers/Myers Music, who also arranged the Gershwin theme at the end of the commercial. The two piano performance was given by Chinese classical pianist Lang Lang and jazz icon Herbie Hancock and recorded by Charlie Paakari at Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA.

“We saved the recognizable theme music for the end piece,” said Elizabeth Myers of Trivers/Myers Music. “This represents the kismet of the situation, the magnetic attraction between the two lovers gravitating back to each other. There are times that parts of Rhapsody sound like Sheherazade to me,” she added.

The award-winning commercial was created by the creative team of Bob Barrie and Stuart D’Rozario and produced by Holly Stone, all of BDM/Minneapolis. Jamie Caliri designed and shot the stop-action animation, through Duck Studios of Los Angeles, CA.