Trivers Myers Music Announces Catalog Placement with Winogradsky/Sobel New Contributions to State of the Art Music Library

EL SEGUNDO, CA—March 1, 2011—Today at the headquarters of Trivers Myers Music, Inc., John Trivers (President and Co-Founder) announced that the collection of music created by himself and partner Elizabeth Myers was going to be part of the well-known Winogradsky/Sobel (Win/So) Music Library.

The catalog of music includes cues from the following CD’s:The Ultimate Piano Music Library, Hippies Use Side Door, Ice Land, and Rough Cut Music 1 and 2. All CD’s can be found at the Trivers Myers Music website and two of the CD’s (The Ultimate Piano Music Library and Ice Land) are available on i-Tunes.

Winogradsky/Sobel and the Win/So Music Library was founded in 2008 by partners Steve Winogradsky and Ron Sobel. for the express purpose of providing global media solutions for all forms of entertainment. The Win/So Music Library features nationally –recognized authentic touring artists, including Billy Preston, Clubfeet, Michael Herring (Tupac Shakur, Gwen Stefani), Angry Chiwawa, Armada, Heiruspecs, and now Trivers Myers. Winogradsky, an attorney, is one of the most well known expert witnesses in the field of musical copyright law. Ron Sobel, also an attorney, is equally called on for all fields of entertainment law. The two represent music licensing and artist placements for Fox, MTV, American Idol, Big Ten Network, and others.

Steve Winogradsky explains, “We are thrilled to have music of this quality in our (now greater) library. We have known Trivers and Myers for years since working together on the licensing of music for commercials and the CBS Evening News theme, which they wrote.”

Many clients have already enjoyed licensing music from the Trivers Myers library, such as American Idol, Acura, Cedars Sinai and TD-Ameritrade. More information about this can be found at and