The Classroom

The Trivers Myers Music Mentoring Program

What is TM-2020? A mentorship program for young talented musicians (preferably high school students) who want to learn how to be professional musicians. It is our belief that these students will do something meaningful with their talent and their music by the year 2020. And we are offering to help them in their journey.

We, TM , believe in the budding artist’s talent. The artist, in turn, promises to develop her/his talent as best she/he can.

We, TM, offer studio time and production advice when mutually convenient. The artist promises to think each day about her/his music and what she/he can do to improve it. And she/he also promises to come in or contact us once a week to keep us updated on her/his music.

We, TM, ask the artist to help us out with our company’s social networking. By this we mean developing TM Twitter and TM MySpace Music pages to their fullest potential.

What else? If either of us want to take tracks recorded here at TM and present them elsewhere or use the performances elsewhere, we will let each other know about it and work out permissions.

Reasonable goals: By a certain date, have an EP of at least 4 songs (or more) that are good quality demo versions of your songs. By that we mean, great lead vocals, great guitars tracks, lyrics complete, some backgrounds, some production, maybe drums, etc. that make the songs true to the artist’s message and powerful at reaching an audience.

For more information about how to apply for this program, contact us.