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New Ballet with music by Elizabeth Myers

“Eye Contact” - here is a teaser video that represents a few scenes from a new work by Myers and the debut of choreographer Mamie Raguz of Lima, Peru. This ballet takes a personal journey study of shyness, and how some find it to be a strength. Dancers from the Ballet Municipal de Lima took the concept to heart and have given elegant reality to the modern fable story.

JK Rowling and Trivers Myers

There walked a lonely man, silent, mute, the only man, not knowing how, not knowing why…

Was he the sole survivor?

JK Rowling’s new crime novel Career of Evil features lyrics written by Trivers Myers and their friends at Blue Oyster Cult.

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The Backstory

A chance meeting in a Broadway orchestra pit has produced a 35 year career with numerous award winning commercial scores, hit rock songs, and iconic themes for TV and film.